Brand Marketing

craft micro distillersAt this point in time there are over 500+ Micro Distilleries in the USA, and over 60+ Big Brands Manufaturers on the market.  Getting your product on a shelf or in the hands of the right distributor is critical to your success.  As a distiller, I’ve made the calls to local distributors and liquor stores trying to push my product and the difference it could make in their daily sales.  Its a painful process if they’ve never heard of your brand or organization.  The first stipulation that is put on your marketing pitch is always pricing and what your marketing plans are.  For most its a stunning first experience, you’ve jumped through every hoop imaginable, mortgaged your home for equipment and daily running expenses, and just need an edge to get your products out the door.

Social & Search Engine marketing can be an overwhelming task for most.  There are many companies out there willing to take your money while you try to figure it out.  Start-up brands require just a few things surprisingly, the first is for people to hear about your product.  The second is your story and optimism for building this into a local success.  Once you can sell it to others and believe it yourself, congratulations your on your way.  Besides a nicely designed website and product description, you need a way to climb the search engine ladder, and push your company to SEO success.  Do a search on or on how to be on the first page of these search engine giants, and you’ll soon find that Site Links (back-links) are the keys to your success in this market.

Local Micro Distillers specializes in building your marketing efforts into a success.  We use the top search engines and social media outlets to build awareness about your products and services.  View our “Build it Right” page to see how we can help you get started.