Events – Distinguished Guest Events

2013 – 2014 Upcoming Monthly Local Micro Distillers Event Calendar:

October 16th. – 17th. – DISTINGUISHED GUEST EVENTS – Paradise Island, Bahamas - Clients please remember to update your listings and marketing with our latest content and photos.

November 29th. – 30th. – DISTINGUISHED GUEST EVENTS – Bentley & Porsche Spirit Brand photo shoot in West Palm Beach, Florida – Includes Beach & Ocean photography and video

January 29th. – 30th. – DISTINGUISHED GUEST EVENTS – Lamborghini & Ferrari Spirit Brand photo shoot in Downtown Miami, Key Biscayne & Miami Beach.  Underwater Photography at Atlantis Memorial Reef.

March 27th. – 28th. – DISTINGUISHED GUEST EVENTS – Were currently working with the PGA Tour on a few events before the season ends.  These events are based on availability at each event.  Products will be showcased, photographed on the courses and tasted, rated and promoted by their sponsor networks.  This will provide a huge push in your credibility.

December – Were currently planning more events for this month – current plan is a luxury boat rental photo shoot with your Brand in Miami Beach, Florida.  Were always open for suggestions, please contact us.